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Pharma Gel Packaging Boxes

Pharma gel packaging boxes are used to pack the different types of the gel and such products. As the gel is a product which is typically the medicine and the cosmetics, special type of the packaging boxes are to pack and store the gel. Being the semi-liquid nature of the gel, the bottle or the canisters of plastic or the glass are used to pack and store the gel in them. Then, the gel canisters or the plastic packets are packed in the cardboard boxes. Due to the relatively heavier weight of the liquid gel, the cardboard to make these boxes must be hard and strong. To protect the pharma products from the moisture, the dust, dirt, industrial fumes, the chemical and the environmental pollutants, the cardboard to make the packaging pharma products must be made with the good quality cardboard to absorb all such hazards.The packaging boxes, made with the cardboard, may be white or colored. If the pharma gel is sold as the cosmetics over the counter after display of the products inside the box, the packaging pharma box must be made with the window lid. Alternatively, the lid of the box must be made with the crystal clear and the transparent Vinyl plastic sheath.
Keeping the drugs regulations, the medicines must be packed as per the legal restrictions. The printing of the manufacturing and the expiry dates along with the other instructions must be printed at the prominent place and with CMYK basic colors, upon the pharmaceutical packaging.

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