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Nail Polish Boxes

Being one of the prime cosmetic and beauty products, the nail polishes occupy the central position the cosmetic industry. Due to its hot-selling nature, the nail polishes are packed and sold in the special type of the nail polish box. Traditionally, the nail polishes are packed and sold in the bottles, made of the glass or plastic, the heavy-duty packaging boxes are required for the purpose. The weight of the liquid nail polishes demand the strong, hard and the strong nail polish packaging boxes.
One piece of the nail polish is packed in the canister, made with soft, lightweight and the fine looking cardboard made nail polish storage case. Then many such cases are packed in nail polish storage box
As per current trend, the nail polishes with different shades, sizes, and colors are packed in one box, by the manufacturers, marketers or the brand promoters. These boxes, packed with different color and shades of the nail polishes, are called as the family pack as these are packed with the nail polishes of different designs and colors for the separate family members.
Nail polish storage case is made with the cardboard of different nature and make. For the nail polish storage case, the delicate and soft cardboard with plain and glazed cardboard is used. The color of cardboard normally resembles with that of the nail polish in the canister. Then the printing is again done with the same shade and the color combinations. The nail polishes are normally printed with the images of the different styles and the fashion of the nails with the text of the same style.
The nail polish case or canister, made with the glass or clear transparent plastic, is printed with the beautiful colors, applying the screen printing screen. Some part of the nail polish case is then printed with the sharp, bright and sparkling color combination, resembling the liquid nail polish inside the bottles. The embossing and the debossing printing techniques are typically applied for the printing of the nail polish cases to increase the grip of the hand.

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