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Lipstick Boxes

The lipsticks enjoy the prime importance in the whole the long range of the cosmetics products, hot popular in the women target markets. As the lipsticks are used for the lips which are the focal point in the human face, the lipsticks are sold like hot cakes. The lipsticks box is, normally, made of the soft, thin and lightweight cardboard which is plain in nature. Similarly, the lipstick case is, typically, made with the colored, strong and solid UV PVC plastic which is strong enough to be used, again and again.
As the lipstick is the product which is sold over the counter after seeing the shades and the colors of the different lipsticks, the lipstick box is made with the window lips. As per the modern trend, lipsticks made with different colors and the shades are packed in one lipstick box to make the family box. As the trend is there to make the family pack of the different shades, colors and the flavors of the lipsticks to enable the women to select the color and the shade of the lipstick as per the dress. Some of the family packs are sold with an approach to use the different shade or the color of the lipstick by the different women members of the family.
As we are one of the major boxes manufacturers, printers, and the suppliers, many customers contact us for the custom lipstick boxes as per their custom design. Then after the detailed consultation with the executives of the marketing department of the customers, we print the custom lipstick boxes for the customers. For the custom lipstick boxes, the printing is done upon the lipstick boxes, as the design of the customer. Normally, the hot, sparkling and the glowing color combinations are applied to print the text. For the images, the real-life colors combinations are used to print the images. The images of the lips, with the different lipstick shades, are normally used. The other printing techniques are hotly applied to make the printing more and more attractive.

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